2010 Inaugural Nati​onal Park Service Lowell Photography Contest - 1st Place Finisher

2011 Whistler House Museum of Art "Looking @ Lowell" Juried Art Exhibit - 2nd Place Finisher

2011 ALL [Exposed III] Exhibit - O'Connor Studios Award for Excellence in Photography - 1st Place Finisher

2011 National Park Service Lowell Photography Contest1st Place Finisher

2014 ALL Transformations Exhibit - 2nd Place Finisher



Arts League of Lowell

Whistler House Museum Of Art

National Association of Photoshop Professionals



Image usage for the front and rear covers of the book "hoi polloi ii", a collection of short fiction, poetry, essays, creative non-fiction,

photography, author profiles, interviews and reviews. It can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and LuLu


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